How to be Eco-Friendly in the City

Mali Mali tips and tricks to be eco-friendly even in the city

You might be thinking… I live in the city, what on earth could I possibly have to do with the growing threat of climate change?

It’s a completely rational thought. It can seem really difficult to help, especially if you have absolutely no idea how.

It may seem as though you alone can not make the biggest impact when it comes to protecting our planet. But if you live in an apartment you can still unplug or turn off lights when you leave, so as not to waste energy.

You can also go easy on the AC. Although it can get hot try not to keep your house like an icebox. Studies show that massive amounts of AC are actually heating up our planet in the long run -- worse than car emissions.

Whether in a rural or metropolitan area, we can stop buying so many plastic water bottles and try reusable ones.

On average, 38 billion plastic water bottles end up in landfills each year. Water bottles are made of completely recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastics.

But PETs breakdown overtime into smaller plastics which can pollute our water and livestock. So, one way to help our environment is to simply use a reusable water bottle!

Another great way to help the environment and save money is to bike or walk rather than drive everywhere. This can be hard for some, but cutting down gas emissions on your way to the grocery store two blocks away helps the planet in the long run.

Get involved in your community!

There are plenty of things to do within your community. Be it starting a community garden or taking part in recycling, we all can play a part.

Want to know how to directly impact your community at home?

Sophia - Founder of Mali Mali

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