Falling In Love With Your Skin

Fall in love with your skin this autumn

The leaves are officially falling and sweaters are becoming a must (even here in Dallas). So often in the fall, we are so jealous of warmer summer weather and too busy prepping for winter that we forget to take proper care of our skin.

The drier air in autumn and winter months sucks more moisture from your skin. So, while we begin to wrap up in layers, it’s crucial that we also moisturize our skin properly.

Beyond applying your moisturizer, it’s essential to also hydrate thoroughly. This can be from eating water-rich fruits and vegetables. And while sometimes difficult, it can also be good to cut back on dehydrating substances, like caffeine.

At Mali Mali, we hope you have a wonderful start to your fall, wishing you luck in pumpkin carving and moisturizing.

The Mali Mali™ Team

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