“Be Well, Do Good:” Why the tagline?

Learn why Mali Mali wants our customers to be well and do good for the global community

Doing good for our global community...

When I started Mali Mali™, I decided I wanted the company to not only do right by our customers but also by our community. I strongly believe in helping to face the planet’s pressing environmental issues.

I wanted the company to give back to the earth. We use her fruit as our ingredients and often times, the earth is neglected.

In wanting our customers to “be well,” we also find it very important to “do good.” To do good, Mali Mali has partnered with the Cool Earth Foundation™, a non-profit charity that works to halt rainforest destruction around the world.

A portion of every sale we make is donated to Cool Earth™.

All of the active ingredients in Mali Mali™ products are ethically sourced and some come from the rainforest. We strongly believe at Mali Mali™ that we have to be good stewards of our world to preserve the resources we have. 

Proud of our FreeSet™ pouches...

In addition to partnering with the Cool Earth Foundation™, Mali Mali’s eco-friendly pouches are made by Freeset™, a company that employs women in Colcotta to help them escape the sex trade and regain control of their lives. Our partnership with Freeset™ further reinforces our tagline to not only be well, but to do good by our global community.

Sophia - Founder of Mali Mali™

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