Don't Give Up Hope

Don't Give Up Hope For Environmental Protection and Work

It seems that almost every turn, climate change is being put on the back burner.

Mali Mali believes that legislation has not done enough to combat global warming. 

Recently, the US left the Paris Climate Agreement, which hoped to combine hundreds of countries to combat climate change. While this is a setback for the US and its efforts for climate change...

... there still is a lot of great work being done but non-legislative groups and communities worldwide.

Notably, 350 works within local communities all over the world to fight climate change and have served as a platform for many activists to voice their concerns and take action. 350 works to educate people and facilitate change.  

Furthermore, several private universities recently reaffirmed their pledge for aiding in the addressment of climate change. While only twelve universities took part, many more campuses are actively participating in “going green.”

We are extremely fortunate for this partnership and ensure that a portion of every sale we make goes to Cool Earth. We strongly believe in taking action. Please visit their website to check out all the work they are doing for our planet.  

Remember that regardless of the amount or extent of legislation in your area, there are others working to combat climate change. And you can get involved to. 

Sophia - Founder of Mali Mali

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