Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any other scent options in the Soothing All Over Moisturizer?

No, unfortunately, we do not have any other scent options at this time because we are still a young start up. We love hearing your ideas though of new scents. The current is a very fresh, light guava scent but does not counter the scent of your perfume.

What makes your ingredients so great?

Glad you asked! All of our ingredients were thoroughly researched during our development stages to ensure that you use only the safest and best for your skin. We checked all of our ingredients on EWG. If you would still like more resources, please visit our Ingredients page here.

I have tried a thousand creams before. Does yours actually work?

Our founder, Sophia, feels your pain. In fact, she had the same problem, and that is why she started Mali Mali™. But, fear not, our cream can help soothe your dry, itchy, and sensitive skin. Check out customer reviews.

What is the scent/flavor of your lip oil?

Great question. Our lip oil has a mint/eucalyptus scent and flavor.

Where are your products formulated and made?

Right here in Dallas, Texas! We are very proud to be formulated and made in the USA!

Why is your tagline “be well, do good®”?

We strongly believe in serving our customers and being stewards of our global community. We not only want to “be well” but also “do good.” And that’s why we partner with Cool Earth™ and buy our eco-friendly pouches from FreeSet™.