Our Story

As the saying goes, "...necessity is the the Mother of invention."

I have had issues with my skin and hives for years. Ever since I was little some chemicals would make my skin flare -- be it walking in the supermarket or trying on clothes. My solution to these rashes was Benadryl and cortisone cream. Of course, I later learned that both of these are harmful to your body: Benadryl can have severe impacts on your hormones and cortisone cream must first be flushed out through your liver.

I was shocked. How is it that my two solutions to irritant prone skin were things that in turn hurt my body more? I went online and asked for recommendations from friends, family, and finally my allergist. But the only real help I got were links to more products each with undesirable side effects and none seemed to work for my skin.

On my quest to find a solution, I heard about ethnopharmacology: the study of indigenous people and their use of plants for medicinal purposes. I first stumbled across this science when watching a VICE HBO episode and could not shake the thought: maybe I could create my own line of products that was derived of natural ingredients to help those like me with irritated skin. After much research and great deliberation with one of the best cosmetic labs in the country, Mali Mali® was born.

Our Soothing All-Over Moisturizer and Refreshing Lip Oil are wonderful for all skin types. Please enjoy our ultra-nourishing formulas that refresh and soothe your skin and lips naturally. In addition, Mali Mali® hopes to spread awareness of our planet’s depleting resources and what each of us can do to help in the effort of conserving the environment. We partner with Cool Earth™, a charity that works to halt rainforest destruction. We also have our eco-friendly Mali Mali® pouch created by FreeSet™, a company that hires women to help them escape the sex trade and regain control of their lives. Check out our doing good page for more info of why and how Mali Mali does good for our communities!


CEO and Founder of Mali Mali®