Absolutely NO Animal Testing

Mali Mali loves to save bunnies and we care about furry critters' lives

Yes, Mali Mali is vegan. But do you know why??

Animal testing is often a cruel practice, in which small animals are subjected to clinical trials for future consumer goods. The estimate of animals who are subjected to and die from this type of cruelty annually ranges from 25 to 100 million. 

Many cosmetic companies test on animals, using inhumane treatment to determine the effectiveness and safety of their products. These animals are often burned, prodded, crippled, and poisoned.

They live lives locked away in cages, unable to ever be free and in constant pain and loneliness.

But there is hope...

Fortunately, several countries worldwide are beginning to ban animal testing. In March and May of this year, Guatemala and Australia committed to ending years of animal testing.

At Mali Mali, we strongly believe that cosmetic products should not be tested on animals. We are truly committed to ensure there is absolutely no animal testing of any kind.

We highly encourage our customers to purchase cosmetics without any animal testing.

Sophia - Founder of Mali Mali

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