The International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

Mali Mali supporting Cool Earth and the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

With our support, Cool Earth’s champions are helping to preserve biodiversity in some of the world’s most at risk rainforest.

Meet Rainforest Champion: Jamie Peña, a Biodiversity Officer for Cool Earth. (pictured upper right)

Jamie walks up to ten hours a day to monitor the animal species in Ashaninka. He has spent hours analyzing camera trap footage and determined various rainforest species breeding seasons. Thanks to individuals and companies supporting Cool Earth, Jamie can develop sustainable hunting workshops to educate communities about avoiding hunting when species have young or during their breeding season. One such workshop is pictured above left.

As a result of this year’s donations to chicken and fish farms, Jamie and the Cool Earth team are reducing the pressure on the forest to improve biodiversity. Jamie’s mission is to secure the future for his favorite rainforest animal, the elusive spectacled bear. And we are happy to say, they have been spotted in abundance recently.


Information supplied by The Cool Earth Foundation™.

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