Summer Skin Health Tips

Our tips for keeping your skin healthy this summer

Summer has arrived, and here at Mali Mali we wanted to offer some tips to keep your skin healthy throughout the summer. As the temperatures rise and you spend more time outside, it is important to prevent skin damage.

First and foremost, staying hydrated throughout the day also helps boost your skin and can aid in detoxification. We recommend grabbing a reusable water bottle and refilling throughout the day to keep your skin fresh and healthy.

Secondly, wearing sunscreen is crucial. Sunscreen, which can be reapplied every two hours, helps prevent skin cancer and can reduce the risk of further inflammation on sensitive skin. And if you do manage to stay in the sun too long, we recommend using our Soothing All-Over Moisturizer to relieve your skin.

Stay well this summer and remember to take care of your skin!

As always, be well, do good.  

The Mali Mali® Team

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