Staying Active in the Winter

 Tips from the Mali Mali team about staying active this winter season

Tomorrow is groundhog day, and at Mali Mali we are almost ready for spring to arrive.

While winter is a wonderful time, the cold can sometimes put a pin in our workout routines. So, we have compiled a list of ways to motivate ourselves to workout in the cold.

  • Find a friend to workout with you
    • Working out can sometimes get lonely. If you go on a run, maybe consider bringing someone with you.
  • Try a workout you’ve never done before, like yoga
    • Explore new things (maybe venture indoors) to mix up your routine. Yoga is great for your joints and flexibility.
  • Switch up your running route
    • Sometimes running the same route can become boring. Try another path and enjoy new scenery for a while.
  • Find a new workout playlist
    • Your music should not be underestimated. Good workout music can make a lot of difference.
  • Mix up interval times
    • If you’re tired of long workouts, maybe just do simple 15 minute core intervals. Over time, this can actually be a great way to stay active.

The question comes: will there be six more weeks of winter?

As always, be well, do good.  

The Mali Mali® Team

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