Partnering with Cool Earth

Find out more about what Cool Earth™ is doing in their work to halt rainforest destruction

We get asked a lot: “Why Cool Earth™?”

For us it’s really quite simple. Mali Mali® was founded with the goal of not only helping our customer but also our greater global community. Sophia, our founder, said that “when we started out we wanted to find a non-profit that we could see genuinely made an impact. Cool Earth™ provides statistics of their work and updates us regularly on their projects.”

Thus Cool Earth™ was the obvious answer. Cool Earth™ provides information about how many tonnes of carbon dioxide they have stored, how many acres they have saved, the number of trees they have protected, and the number of liters of water they have managed to save. With these stats (which are always improving!), Cool Earth™ has received a gold award at the Global Good Awards this past May.

Mali Mali® is proud to be able to work with Cool Earth™ and further our collective mission of saving the world’s rainforests and natural resources. We thank all of our customers for their support and enabling us to give to such an enriching, wholesome non-profit.

As always, be well, do good.  

The Mali Mali® Team


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