February Goal Setting

Mali Mali offers tips and tricks of how to keep up motivation this February

Last February, we mentioned how difficult it was to keep up the pace and motivation when working out. But this year, we wanted to highlight tips and tricks we’ve found to help keep the intensity of December and January all throughout February.

For starters, set goals for yourself. In December, we are constantly rushing to meet holiday deadlines and as a result tend to get things done. In January, we try to set resolutions for the year to come. Why not do the same in February?

While it may be time to slow your pace some and give yourself a bit of a break, don’t ease up too much. It’s important to find motivation, even if that means trying a couple new restaurants this month, finally cleaning the closet, or working towards cleaner skin. Whatever your goal is, reach it. Don’t give up so soon and stick with it-- after all February is the shortest month!

As always, be well, do good.  

The Mali Mali® Team

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