Conscious Companies

Why we believe conscious companies are the future and have the power to make change

What does it mean to be a conscious company?

For starters, at Mali Mali®, we believe that companies should go beyond just serving their customers to helping their greater community. As consumers, we consistently buy skincare products but rarely stop to think where are ingredients come from or about replenishing them.

Mali Mali® is dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of our planet’s resources and giving back. One such way that we do so is by partnering with Cool Earth™ to help protect the world’s rainforests. Additionally, our cosmetic pouches are created by FreeSet™, a company that employs women to get them out of the Indian sex trade.

But we certainly are not the only ones dedicated to doing good in our community, as more and more companies are joining the movement. Some of our favorite conscious companies include United By Blue, which takes a pound of trash out of the oceans for every product sold, and Love Your Melon, which donates hats to children with cancer and supports nonprofit organizations leading the fight against pediatric cancer.

There are so many incredible brands that focus on ethically supporting their communities and we are proud to be able to do the same. Thank you to all our customers who support us and our mission to protect this planet’s precious ecosystems.

As always, be well, do good.  

The Mali Mali® Team

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