2018: A Warning For What's to Come

Grappling with climate change as observed by 2018 and record temperatures

Certainly the last few year have seen many debates regarding climate change. And while some choose to disregard scientific data and statistics signaling the tragic fate of our planet, Mali Mali® firmly believes that we need to take action in order to save our planet from peril.

The year 2018, as consistent with the last two decades, has seen more and more dramatic weather. For instance, April 2018 was one of the third hottest Aprils on record. Additionally, the summer of 2018 brought massive heat waves across the globe, affecting atypical areas such as eastern Canada, the Caucasus region, and Southern California.

In July, Japan declared the heat wave a state of emergency as more than 65 deaths were confirmed in one week due to heat stroke. Eastern Greece struggled with devastating wildfires-- the damage to natural forests will take decades to recover.

So, we discuss the future of our environment this month because we wanted to offer our new year’s resolution: to lead sustainable lives and continue working to decrease our environmental impact. We hope to inspire others to have a similar resolution. What’s yours?

As always, be well, do good.  

The Mali Mali® Team

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